Daily security scan

Scheduled daily scans for malware and we also check to make sure that the website is not blacklisted.

Free hosting

As part of our standard package we offer free hosting for your site. See FAQ for more details

Wordpress Core Updates

As soon as a new WordPress update is available we start the process of rolling it out.

Theme/Plugin Updates

Plugins and themes are checked for updates on a daily basis

Support time included

Our plans gives you access to our support where you can ask questions, get advice, or get minor issues resolved.

Performance monitoring

Performance monitoring gives you a breakdown of the factors that are affecting the speed of your website. You can see each individual factors and its grade, as well as giving recommendations on how to improve your website performance.

Uptime Monitoring

The Uptime Monitor saves you time worrying about what websites are up, it instantaneously notifies us if your website goes down, giving us a chance to fix the problem before it becomes serious.

Daily secure off-site backups

Backup is the cornerstone of WordPress website management. It’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website. We take the load of your mind by running scheduled daily offsite backups and making sure that up-to-date backup is always ready.

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